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Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Specialisation on Children's & Adolescents' Nutrition

I graduated from the European School of Luxembourg in 2004 and returned to Athens, where I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Harokopeio University of Athens, Greece (2010). During my studies I did an one-year internship in 5 of the biggest Hospitals in Athens (Thriasio Hospital, Red Cross Hospital, Alexandras Hospital, Agia Sophia Children Hospital and Igeia General Hospital). One month after having completed my studies, I starded working at Doctor-Dietician Iakovos Theodosiou's private practice. On September 2014 I completed my 2-years Specialisation on Children's and Adolescents' Nutrition (Diplôme Universitaire de Spécialisation en Diététique de l'Enfant et d'Adolescent) from University of Lorraine in Nancy, France . I currently work as a free-lancer dietician.



My Philosophy


As my origin is from Greece, a pure Mediterranean country, I am a big fan of Mediterranean Diet. My intention is to show to all my patients how beneficial a diet based on the Mediterranean eating habits is for our health and for our quality of life

My goal is to motivate my patients to change their eating habites, to educate them to make the better choice in the super-market or in a restaurant, to make them understand that food is essential to our well-being and that it all starts from the first time we start eating.

My favorite quote is: 'Every time we eat, either we fight a disease either we feed it.' It's our choice.

I am here to help all of you to change your eating habits in order to become your better you. 

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